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Who is Wolf Foot Designs?

Hello, I am the creator behind 'Wolf Foot Designs'. My name is Imogen Bailey. My maiden name, Pedley, derives from the Norman French word "pie de leu" (French "piedeloup") meaning "wolf-foot".

Wolf Foot was 'officially' created in June 2017, but it began when I became an honorary Aunty to my friend Ashley's first baby (Indigo). Ashley is one of my best friends from high school and is the mama behind The Spilt Milk Co.

I'm a full-time Graphic Designer at Smokeylemon during the week. While my weekends and nights are spent sewing orders and prototyping new creations.

I got my love of sewing from my mother, Maree, (pictured on the right of me) and from my paternal Grandmother Patricia Pedley. My ultimate goal is to continue designing my own fabrics and then sew purely fabrics designed by myself.    

home office sewing room